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Our Vision

“ Theater ΙΟΘ” on Akadimias Str. 100, resulted from collaborations of Mr. Derpanis, president of DGroup, with distinguished artistic creators and personalities of culture, acting and art.

“Investing in culture” can signal a new era” … and with this thought, this whole project became a reality!

The anachronistic models of authorities and falsely obedient disciples are over. Even though previous generations went through occupation and civil wars, the newer ones went through an economic crisis equivalent to occupation, a crisis of values ​​and the flattening of the country. Their dreams were crushed before they were formed. But they possess talent, strength, youth and the future as an ally.

With a different operating rationale, I invited people to join me in this journey. The school’s professors are fully aware of the aims of their vision, they consult and co-create with the students, they are actively present, not by force but willingly. The web radio is run solely by our students, with whom we are in regular contact, they tell us what they need and what we can do for them. We offer them an artistic education program with a variety of topics and expressions, with more hours and teachers at the same tuition rates, in a modern context of compulsory attendance of all classes and no acceptance of unexcused absences.

We participate in the European and  global grand scheme of things.

Independent productions will soon be made, which we will be able to see in a same-day frequency and for a single production. We will be present everywhere. We will connect our actors with all the production crew. We will create plays that will be performed in central theaters, we will strengthen big screen acting, while being able to participate in the casting for foreign films. We introduce people to absolute freedom of expression and creation.

We offer teenage theater courses with a uniquely elaborate and original program and rationale. We also provide a children’s theater lessons.

We have a unique space where a lot of money was invested. Certainly, no private school has similar teaching spaces, coffee and relaxation areas, a digital library and a unique “loft” of creation in our gallery, on Akadimias Str. 100. Most of the teachers belong to the generation that sees the future clearly. Our staff is comprised by a group of instructors who found success through their work. I believe they are masters of their craft but also all together create an explosive mix of staff. Seminars, workshops and collaborations that will surprise you. In all of this I will operate as coordinator. The instructors work autonomously and collaboratively. There is not a sole authoritarian figure. I don’t believe in narrow-minded operating models. We all work together with total respect for each other, without overbearing each other’s boundaries. We have the nicest teachers. We want to have students who will make us proud.

I would like to thank Frosso and Dimitris, Zoe and Xenia, Michalis and Christos, who contributed immensely to the setup.

The actors, directors and writers who trusted us.

We are the most modern acting school, the most contemporary and attuned to today’s conditions. We are a European acting school in theatre, film and television.

We are the “Theater ΙΟΘ” on the Akadimias Str. 100 and our capacities have yet to unfold. Every day a new aspect will appear before you.

Follow us closely. Trust us.

Dimitrios Derpanis

President of DGroup