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The Philosophy of the School

The new drama school “Theater ΙΟΘ”  on Akadimias Str. 100 is created with the aim of offering talented and dedicated young artists the best possible quality in artistic education. Our priority is the actor’s education. Our team of teachers consists of artists, actors and other professionals in the field of performing arts, who will impart to the students a wide range of knowledge of practical education, theoretical cultivation and theatrical experience.

Our aim is that you, who study at “Theater ΙΟΘ” on Akadimias Str. 100, reach 100% of your potential, realize your goals and become a complete artist, man of theatre, cinema and television.

Great emphasis has been placed through the curriculum both on the acting techniques with a variety of methods and directing approaches, and on the overall theoretical cultivation of the actor with courses that take into account the richness of the global theater culture. The courses complement each other, they are not divided into basic and secondary, each day offers the student a complete thematic unit. The professors are in close communication with each other and with the management and remain informed about the progress of the students and the department as a whole.

In “Theater ΙΟΘ” on Akadimias Str. 100, you do not function as a simple individual that practices and enriches their skills, but as part of an artistic community, consisting of all the students, professors and staff of the school.

Based on the triptych of Mind – Body – Spirit, we holistically approach the art of acting, creating young artists with a dynamic identity and position, ready to follow a personal path that will be an inspiration and allow them to build meaningful relationships with the world.

Frosso Korrou, Dimitris Kouroumbalis Directorate of “Theater ΙΟΘ” on Akadimias Str. 100