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Applications are now open for the 2023-2024 entry exams

The Higher Private School of Dramatic Art “Theater 100” announces that submitting applications for the Entrance Examinations of the academic year 2023-2024 is now open.

  1. Applications to participate in the Entrance Exams can be submitted from today until September 8, 2023 via the email address Alternatively, applications can be submitted to the School’s headquarters (Acadimias Str. 98-100) provided that an  appointment has previously been made by calling at 210.7101411.
  2. For the academic year 2023-24, the Academy is able to house two freshman classes (a morning and an afternoon one) with a maximum capacity of 20 students per class.
  3. Necessary supporting documents for participation in the Entrance Exams:
    1. Application which is signed by the interested party, has the position of a formal declaration and mentions their details, as shown on the police ID (first name and last name), and necessarily an e-mail address (e-mail), residential address, telephone number as well as the type of secondary education qualification held. You can download the exam participation form HERE.
    1. High school diploma of Law 1566/85 or high school diploma of a six-year high school or other equivalent school in the country or abroad, in a clear photocopy. For high school diplomas from foreign schools, a certificate of correspondence with high school diplomas from the country is required, which is granted by the local Directorates of Secondary Education.
    1. Police ID or passport, in clear photocopy. In the event that the father’s name is not included in the passport, it should be proven by submitting an additional official document (a clear photocopy)

In case the candidate’s name is written in Latin characters, a supporting document must be submitted with the rendering of the name in Greek (e.g. printout of a Social Security Number form).

The supporting documents submitted with the participation application will not be returned to the candidates. An application for participation that is not accompanied by the required supporting documents or has not been submitted within the prescribed period will not be taken into account.

Candidates will be examined on the following courses:

a. Acting

• A monologue (chosen by the candidate) from either ancient drama or classical/ modern repertoire.

• Improvisation based on a text or a topic, which will be given to the candidates on the day of the examination by the Examination Committee.

b. Recitation and Song

• Recitation of a poem (chosen by the candidate).

• A capella Performance of a song (chosen by the candidate).

c. Elementary theoretical knowledge of Theater History and Literature.

The course is examined orally or in writing (in the Greek language). Candidates are asked two or more questions concerning the History of Theater and one or more questions concerning the History of Greek Literature.

Candidates must carry their ID or any other official identification document with them during the Examinations.

The Exams will be held between September 18 and October 20, 2023. An update will be made about the School’s Exam Schedule.

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