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Our school has put on the following plays:

1. “Pork Kidneys to Soothe Despair”, Alejandro Ricaño – teaching: Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou (2nd year, June 2023)

2. “Partings” – teaching: Loukia Michalopoulou (2nd year, June 2023)

3. “For a Kiss” – teaching: Frosso Korrou (3rd year, July 2022)

4. “The earthquake in Chile” Heinrich Von Kleist – teaching: Haris Fragoulis (2nd year, June 2022)

5. “Hide and Seek” – teaching: Loukia Michalopoulou (2nd year, May 2022)

6. “Hildegard von Bingen – teaching: Dimitris Kouroumbalis (2nd year, May 2022)