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Konstantinos Avarikiotis studied at the Drama School of the “Embros” Theater and the Department of Theater Studies of the University of Athens.

He collaborated with Michael Marmarinos – “Theatro Thision” in the following performances: Electra (1998 – Epidaurus Festival), Agamemnon (1999), Acropolis (2010). With Antzela Brouskou – “Room Theatre” in the performances: Woyzeck (2001), Waiting, something for hunger… (2005), Elektra (2006 – Athens Festival), Blasted (2007), A Streetcar named Desire (2008), Agamemnon (2008 – Epidaurus Festival), Reality (2009), Alexandrian Quartet (2009 – Philippi Festival).

With Amore Theater in the performances: Disco Pigs (dir. Giorgos Kakanakis), Arabian Nights (dir. Dimitris Kourtakis), Adventure in the City and the Countryside (dir. Akylas Karazisis),  Danton’s Death (dir. Albrecht Hirche). With the National Theatre: Julius Caesar (dir. Nikos Karathanos), Elektra (dir. Efi Theodorou), Very Bad and Nothing (dir. Konstantinos Rigos), Amphitryon (2012 – Epidaurus Festival / dir. Lefteris Vogiatzis), Odyssey (dir. Robert Wilson / October 2012 – March 2013, National Theater & April 2013 tour at Teatro Piccolo di Milano), Forgive Me (dir. Akylas Karazisis), Richard III (dir. Yiannis Houvardas), Master and Margarita – A Picnic with the devil (Experimental Stage of the National Theater – directed by Maria Panourgia), Twelfth Night (directed by Dimitris Karantzas). With the Onassis Stegi: The Merchants of the Nations (2011 – OPERA Group / dir. Thodoris Ambazis), Circling the Square (2013 / dir. Dimitris Karatzas), Rob/Rob (2018 / dir. Dimitris Karantzas) , Noises off (2018 – Stegi / dir. Hectors Lygizos), Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (2018 – Stegi / dir. Maria Panourgia).

With Volksbühne: Das Lied von Tod (2003 – dir. Albrecht Hirche) and then at the Müllheim Theater Festival with the performance Der Man Von Oben (2004 – dir. Albrecht Hirche).

Also in the cast: Iphigenia in Tauris (1998 – dir. Anna Kokkinou), Please kill me (2001 – dir. Giorgos Kakanakis), Hellenic Insomnia (2007 – dir. Roula Pateraki), It’s Raining (2007 – Athens Festival / dir. Akylas Karazisis), The Fall (2009 – dir. Michalis Konstantatos), Danube Trout (2010 – Philippi Festival / dir. Lily Meleme), Persephone (2009-2010 / dir. Olia Lazaridou), The Seagull (2010 – DI. PE.THE. Kavala / dir. Theodoris Ambazis), Throne of Atreides (2011 – Athens Festival / dir. Aris Retsos), Trojan woman (2013 – DIPETHE Patras / dir. Theodoris Ambazis), Minions – a Christmas story (2013 – bios / dir. Maria Panourgia), The Satin Slipper (2014 – Athens Festival / dir. Efi Theodorou), Arden Must Die (2015 – Athens Festival / dir. Haris Fragoulis), Ajax (2015 – Epidaurus Festival / dir. Sylvia Liuliou), Oresteia (2016 – Epidaurus Festival / dir. Yiannis Houvardas), Oedipus Tyrannus (2019 – Epidaurus Festival / dir. Konstantinos Markoulakis), Three Sisters (2019 – Veaki Theater / dir. Dimitris Karantzas), Oedipus (2020 / dir. Dimitris Karantzas). At the same time, he participated as an actor in the films: Hardcore (2004 – dir. Denis Iliadis), The Snails of Loulou (dir. Panagiotis Fafoutis / Best Actor Award), Man in the Sea (2011 – dir. Konstantinos Giannaris), Paradisos (2011 – directed by Panagiotis Fafoutis). End of the dance performances: Carbon (choreographed by Mariella Nestora), The Son (choreographed by Myrto Kontoni – OKTANA Dance Theater).