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Kazazou Alexandra – acting/ improv


Alexandra Kazazou, Greek-Polish, born in Wroclaw, Poland. She has studied at the Theater Department of the University of Athens and then postgraduate studies on acting MA in Acting, under the auspices of Manchester Metropolitan University. From 2010 to 2016 she was a close collaborator with the Grotowski Institute in Poland, while in Greece she works as an actor, director and educator. She has taught at the drama school of the State of Northern Greece (2018-2019), the drama school of the National Theater (2016-2017) and the Higher Private Drama School “Delos” (2016-2022).

The academic year 2022-23 finds her teaching at the drama school of the Athens Conservatory, the Academy of Arts 100 and the MA in Acting program of the Metropolitan College. In Greece she has collaborated as an actor with renowned directors, choreographers and composers including Michael Marmarinos, Yiannis Mantafounis, Io Voulgarakis, Yiannis Leontaris, Petros Sevastikoglou, Filippos Tsalachouris, etc.

She is also a founding member and director of the theater group Teatr Andra, which is based in Istanbul and consists of Greek, Turkish and Polish artists. In 2017 she was nominated for the Eleftheria Sapountzi Theater Award and in 2018 for the Melina Merkouri Theater Award. She has taught several seminars at the Grotowski Institute, as a member of the Studio Matejka Physical Theater Group (2010-2015). She has also taught as a professor in residency at the University of St. Lawrence, New York (2014) as well as Gonzaga University in Washington State (2015). She has taught masterclasses at Calarts University in Los Angeles, California (2018). In 2020 together with the photographer Karol Jarek he founded the TRANSATLANTIC GROUP and its activity is artistic, educational, research and social in nature.