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Kouroumpalis Dimitris – Director of Studies / acting – improv


He was born in Athens. He graduated from the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and excelled in the master’s degree in Sociology at Panteion University with his thesis “The theater as a ritual in Athens today”, a scientific research with qualitative interviews with active theater artists to investigate the relationship between theater -ritual in modern theatrical practice.

He has been working continuously as an actor since 2000 in theater, cinema and television. He has collaborated with the directors: C. Grauzinis Great After (Bios 2013, Xalapa Mexico 2013, Vilnius 2012), Wealth (Emporikon 2013, DIPETHE Patras 2012), Zorbas: The True Story (National Theater 2009), Daphnis and Chloe: Leisure Trip (Theatro Poria 2006), K. Fillipoglou Prometheus Desmotis (Ancient Theater of Epidaurus 2015), Philoktitis (Ancient Theater of Epidaurus 2014), Orestes-Electra 0-1 (Bios 2011), B. Myrianthopoulos Just Divorced (Theatro Lampeti 2005), M. Moumouri Igetis (Badminton 2011), Arden from Feversham (Athens Festival 2009), N. Nikolopoulos Alter ego (2007), 180 degrees (2009), V. Thomopoulos Apartment Building (2008-2009), G. Siougas Big Bang ( 2008), K. Lychnaras 10 Minute Sermon (2000-2003) etc.

He has undertaken the production and organization of theatrical performances and concerts in collaboration with the Hellenic Festival, Pallas Theatre, Irodeio etc., (SAMBOTAZ+, Platonos ’08, Arden ap’ Feversham). He has written plays in Greek and English, for the stage and the radio, which have been successfully presented (Friday of tumbling, R.I.P. Romeos Ioulietta Panta, The End of the World, What shall we do now?, Leader, Civil disobedience, Two very polite characters etc.). He is a founding executive of So7. He led an international artistic program with the support of CULTURE 2007-2013 in collaboration with companies from Lithuania, Cyprus, England and Mexico under the general title: MYTHS AND BELIEFS ABOUT THE BEGINNING AND THE END OF THE WORLD. He teaches acting. He lives and works in Athens.


Course description

In the lesson there are no listeners, everyone plays all the time. Axis is the beautiful Greek language through an expressive body that can tell stories from all languages. You come in tracksuit, ready to roll, jump, get dirty, literally and figuratively, explore parts of the spirit you don’t know, show me all those I don’t know. The actor knows how to read, knows how to speak, to use the whole body, to address, to react, to communicate and if we manage to learn these, we will be a step ahead! But we don’t stop there since above all the actor is a creator and if I can inspire you in one thing it would be to create what you play, every moment, with soul, body and mind, with the totality of the means that I practice in the course. Oh, and one more thing, we watch shows, study movies, and read books!