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Mavrogeorgiou Vasileios – acting/ improv


He was born in 1979. He studied at the sketch school Ornerakis (1998) and at the Drama School “Archi” of Nellis Karras (2002). He has written 14 plays such as The Cockroach and A Huge Explosion while he has adapted five others. He has directed 39 shows at the National Theatre, Neos Kosmos Theater, Art Theatre, Athens Festival, Skrow Theater, Porta, Acropol, Bretania, Gloria, Vrysaki and other theaters in Athens, Thessaloniki, and in Municipal and Regional Theatres.

As an actor, he has participated in 23 productions with their directors: Team Blitz, Vicky Georgiadou, Eleni Gasouka, Themeli Glynatsi, Vangelis Theodoropoulos, Marianna Kalbari, Peder Kirk, Yannis Moschos, Thomas Moschopoulos, Dimitris Bogdanos, Yannis Dalianis, Argyris Xafis. From 2005 to 2010 he has taken part in performances for children hospitalized in hospitals and institutions in collaboration with the New World Theatre. In 2008 he was honored with the “Karolos Koon” directing award for the play Only the Truth. In 2013, he founded Skrow theater with his team, which he has been artistically directing since then with Seraphim Radis.


Course description

In the first part of the lessons, we deal with improvisations aimed at the development of perception, readiness, communication and also the understanding of the basic dramaturgical elements that make up a scene, as students through improvisations try to create a complete one-act play with characters, relationships, plot, atmosphere.

In the second part of the lessons we approach contemporary texts from the world repertoire using the method of Sanford Meisner. Through a series of exercises we discover and work on the relationships between the persons of the project. With Meisner’s method, students try to structure a theatrical scene based on the communication and relationships of their characters and discover how the elements of a performance are interconnected with the interpretation of their “teammate” based on real reactions and organic functions.