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Mikroutsikou Sesil – Movement/ Dance


She was born in Athens in 1979.

She started dancing at the school of Elena Vakalopoulou. She graduated from Higher State School of Orchestral Art in 1999. She has collaborated with the dance groups Analia, sine qua non, Ypsilon Griffon, etc. She has presented her works at dance festivals in Greece and abroad. In the theater, she has choreographed more than 80 shows for the National Theatre, NTNG, Athens Concert Hall, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patras, the Festival of Athens and Epidaurus, the Neos Kosmos Theater, etc.

She teaches contemporary dance and improvisation at drama schools in Athens.


Course Description

By becoming aware of how our body moves, we completely disengage from our innate and instinctive need to rationalize our movements. The full exploitation of the “intelligence” of the body leads to absolute freedom, to be sensitive enough to perceive and react to external stimuli. A very large part of the course has to do with the activation of the body and with exercise, thus acquiring solid foundations for further kinesiology development.

Our bodies should express themselves freely. When we are able to gain control and access to the innate intelligence of the body rather than mental illusions, we stimulate a physical confidence that does not impede brain function, but rather complements it and thus forms a complete stage entity. The body is a musical instrument that needs maintenance, development, care and a lot of work. This is how technique remains hidden and art emerges.