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Moscholidakis Periklis – Speech Education – Orthophony


He was born and raised in Athens. He graduated from the Drama School of the National Theater and graduated from the Law School of the Kapodistrian University of Athens. He studied Classical Singing and Vocals at the National Conservatory and the ATHENAEUM Conservatory. He attended Acting – Directing and Vocal Training seminars at the Moscow Art Theater (MXAT) as well as Vocal Coaching seminars at the New York Vocal Coaching Studio.

He collaborated as an actor, among others, with the National Theater, the Karolos Koun Art Theater, the State Theater of Northern Greece, the Amphitheater of Spiros Evangeliatos and the Thessalian Theater, in performances by important directors such as Alexis Minotis, Alexis Solomos, Spyros Evaggelatos, Minos Volanakis, Korais Damatis, Andreas Voutsinas, Giorgos Lazanis, Kostas Bakas, Dimitris Potamitis, Giorgos Michaelidis, Giorgos Iordanidis, Yiannis Kakleas, etc., while he has also worked in television, radio and dubbing.

He has performed in numerous ancient drama performances in the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, in ancient Greek theaters all around Greece, as well as in major theater festivals abroad, while he was a lecturer for many years on the subject of Vocal Education in Ancient Drama at the European Center of Delphi.

He has directed the shows Elektra project (CARTEL Theater) and Troades – Hekavi, the Tragedy of the Losers (Synchrono Theatro) while he wrote and directed the play Angelica Nikli Solomou the Transparent which was performed for three consecutive seasons at the Vault Theater.

He teaches the courses of “Speech Education” and “Acting in Ancient Drama” at drama schools in Athens.


Course description

The Education of Speech – Orthophony – Poetry course aims to create the foundations and structure the conditions for improving speech, and the correct use of the vocal cords in order to achieve the health of the vocal apparatus and the aesthetic use of speech of future actors . At the same time, it deals with the cultivation of the language through the approach of the Greek dialect, as it is used, in the theatrical text, in literature, poetry, journalism, marketing and also the daily use of speech.

The students of the school, through the continuous exercise of their vocal tools with special exercises in theater and poetry texts and practice in choruses from the ancient drama, will be taught the aesthetic and technical parameters of speech (diaphragmatic breathing, voice placement, articulation, pronunciation of the Greek language , volume and tonality of the voice, relaxation of the body and warming up of the vocal cords, etc.), coloring of the speech as well as quality elements of the speech (immediacy, address, rhythm).