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Papadimitriou Makis – acting/ improv


He was born in Athens in 1975. He is – still – a student in the Physics department of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and an honors graduate of the drama school of the National Theatre. He has participated in plays, films and television series. He was honored with the Horn Award, the Cinema and Theater Critics Association Award, the First Actor Award from the Hellenic Academy of Cinema, the Best Actor Award from the Drama International Short Film Festival, the First Actor Award at the Sarajevo festival (ensemble award) etc. When he was a kid he dreamt of becoming a pilot. It didn’t happen. Such a same. He solves the Rubik’s cube – usually – in less than 15 seconds. He likes motorcycles. He has gone through 20 so far. He now rides a Yamaha XSR 700 XTribute. Trivia: He used to drive a Hornet 600 that he got from Prometheus Aliferopoulos.