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Remediaki Despoina – acting/ improv


Despoina Dorina Remediaki. She was born in 1990. She is a graduate of Classical Philology at the University of Athens (2012), a graduate student of Classical Philology with a specialization in Latin, a graduate of the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory (2016) and an honors graduate of the Assistant-Stazirovka Department of the School of Russian Directing University of Theater Art – GITIS of Moscow – Department of Yevgeny Kaminkovich & Dmitry Krymov (scholarship 2018-2021). She has been trained in Educational Drama (Athens Conservatory, 2021-2022). While continuing her education at the Workshop of Xenia Kalogeropoulou. She has obtained a degree in Harmony (Theory and History of music, Solfège, Dictee, Counterpoint with the main instrument the piano). She speaks English, French, Russian.

She directed the performance “We, the vacationers” with the 4th year of the Athens Conservatory (June 2022) while as an actor she has collaborated with Konstantinos Dellas in the performances “Antigone” by Sophocles, (Mittelfestival – Italy 2018) & (Little Epidaurus 2017), “Greek Vrycolax” (2017), with Io Voulgaraki “CHECH-OFF” (Theatro Polis, 2016/17), with Argyris Xafis and Amalia Moutousi “Oedipus Tyrannus” (Megaron The Athens Concert Hall, 2017), with George Zampoulakis ” Underground Blues” by Handke (Black Box, 2014), with Nikos Karathanos “Salome” (Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2015) and Filippos Tsalachouris “Julius Caesar” (Megaron The Athens Concert Hall, 2015) & “Chorus from Oedipus Tyrant at Colonus ” (Emmanouil Benakis museum 2015), Amalia Bennet in “Master and Man” (Porta theater 2015). She has also worked as an assistant director at the Neos Kosmos and Angelon Vima theaters.

In cinema, she has participated in the films: “It is forbidden to cry” by Natalia Nazarova (Moscow 2021) and “Sisyphus” by Giorgos Fourtounis (2016). She was a member of the first multi-month workshop of actors of the theater of Cyclades Street – Lefteris Vogiatzis: “Discovering the way of Lefteris Vogiatzis” (2017-2018) with lecturers Amalia Moutousi, Stefania Gouliotis, Giorgos Skevas and Nikos Kouris, while she has attended theater seminars with Anatoly Vasiliev (Moscow 2021), Dimitris Agartzidis, Maria Kehagioglou, (“the painful joke”) Lydia Koniordou (“the ancient drama” – Ties) Sofia Michopoulou (“The ecstatic body”) Ioanna Remediaki (“the body of dance in tragedy, – study texts: guard in Antigone and Perseus”), & Chris Cooper (masterclass on educational drama, National Theater 2022).

She has been distinguished in poetry and prose by the Hellenic Author’s Society.