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Theodorou Christos – Singing


Christos Theodorou (born 19-12-1973) is a composer, pianist and orchestrator. He studied at the Kodaly Conservatory the Kodaly music education system and choir direction with teacher Michalis Patsea, he has a degree in piano with teacher Dimitra Papadopoulou and degrees in Odic, Harmony, Contrast with teacher Valentinos Patrikidis. He has attended seminars and classes of Dimitris Papadimitriou on music for theater and cinema at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory as well as Philipps Tsalachouris with the same subject at the Kodaly Conservatory.

In the summer of 2021, together with Antigoni Gyra and Kinitira, he presented the music-dance performance “EROTOPAIGNIA”, Byzantine love poetry and poems from the poetry collection of the same name by Athena Voyatzoglou, directed by Antigoni Gyra, choreography by Antigoni Gyra, music by Christos Theodorou, with the dancers Nikos Kalyvas, Nikos Dragona, Katerina Gevetzi, Eugenia Sigalou and Christina Maksouri in the song. He played the piano himself. The show was presented in the framework of the festival “All Greece is a culture”.

In October 2020, his work “The Glossary of Flowers – 7 poems set to music by Nikos Eggonopoulos” was recorded by the ERT Contemporary Music Orchestra with conductor George Aravidis as part of the New Hellenic Creation Cycle of the ERT Ensembles. The work was recorded and has been presented in early 2021 by the Second Program of Greek radio. Performed by Victoria Tagoulis.

In December 2018, he held a concert dedicated to his work entitled “Written to be Voiced” at the Athens Concert Hall as part of the Musical Portraits concert series. Selected songs from his so far discography were played, from the musical works he has composed as well as anecdotes set to music, with performers Victoria Tagoulis, Giorgis Christodoulou, Elena Papanikolaou and Polyxeni Karakoglou and with an eight-member musical ensemble with him in piano and conducting. The musical performance was directed by Frosso Korrou and Dimitris Kouroumbalis.


The following albums of his songs have been released:

1) “Kardia Misi” with performers Nalyssa Green, Rita Antonopoulou, Victoria Tagouli, Maria Papageorgiou, Christina Maksouri, Elena Papanikolaou and Polyxeni Karakoglou with lyrics by Michalis Gelasakis, Panou Sourounis as well as three poems set to music by Napoleon Lapathiotis, Zacharias Papantoniou and Despina Zeugoli-Glezou, released by Mikri Arktos Records in 2017.

2) the digital solo piano album “Spring” in 2016

3) “Tetradio” in lyrics by Michalis Gelasakis in 2013 with Victoria Tagoulis,

4) “Photo.volta” in lyrics by Diamantis Giziotis in 2010, – Victoria Tagoulis

5) “(α)” in 2009 with Victoria Tagoulis,

He has composed four original musicals:

“This Property is Contemned (For Demolition)” by Tennessee Williams libretto by Diamantis Giziotis (2008) directed by Grigoris Hatzakis (Arthouse train tracks), 10

“The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde with a libretto by Christos Kanellopoulos (2009) at the Atrium of the Benaki Museum, directed by Grigoris Hatzakis and choreographed by Frosos Korrou.

“The Little Mermaid” played in analog form, based on the fairy tale by H. Christian Andersen with a libretto by Theodoros Espiritos (2012) (National Theater Analog Festival and International Street Theater Festival) -love

“The Spell of the Butterfly” by Federico García Lorca with a libretto by Michalis Gelasakis (2014) and direction-choreography by Nikoleta Xenariou and the theater group Delos (Contemporary Teenage Theater 2014-15).

He has composed music for 37 theater performances.

His music has been performed at the Festival of Athens and Epidaurus in Mikri Epidaurus and at the Concert Hall (Choir-Eternal tenure at Kallos Group Spira Spira, 2006), at the Herodeion (Barber of Seville 2003), at the Onassis Stegi (Antigone, 2012), at Gazarte (live for the album “Tetradio”, December 2013) and in many music scenes in Athens (Ianos, Stavros tou Notu, Sphinx, Ilion Plus, Faust, Gazarte etc.). In the spring of 2014, he did an improvised piano solo performance entitled “As the weather turns towards spring” for 5 performances at the New Greek Theater of Giorgos Armenis and 2 performances at the Kelari Athenaum.

He has been teaching polyphonic choral singing, interpretation of individual theater songs, solfège, music theory at the Delos-Dimitra Hatoupi Drama School since 2008 and at the Giorgos Armenis New Hellenic Theater Drama School since 2004.

He was a member of the Spira-Spira group as composer, pianist and music teacher from 1999 to 2007.

In the 2014-15 theater season he took part in Eleni Gassouka’s performance “Heroes” at Mikro Pallas as pianist and orchestrator.

Since 2017, he has been collaborating with the record company “Mikri Arktos” and the lyricist Paraskevas Karasoulos as a composer, pianist and orchestrator.

Since November 2019, he has been collaborating with the performer Yiota Negka as a pianist and orchestrator.

In 2018 and 2019 he collaborated with Dimitra Papiou in the musical performances she performed in Athens as an orchestrator and pianist directed by Froso Korrou and Dimitris Kouroumbalis.

In December 2018, he played the piano live and composed the music in the performance ΄΄For a moment Angels΄΄ from the Experimental Stage of the National Theater directed by Frosos Korrou with Dimitris Kouroumbalis.

In December 2018, he accompanied Haris Alexiou on the piano in Christmas tales at the S. Niarchos Foundation, directed by Giorgos Nanouris.

In June 2017 he worked as an orchestrator, pianist and in charge of the musical group for Simos Kakala’s performance “Greek Freak” which was performed at the Olympia theater as part of the Athens Festival and in the same month as a composer and performer in the site-specific performance of Giorgos Sachinis “Stasi Omonia” also for the Athens Festival.

In June 2016, he took part as a pianist in the concert of Stavros Xarhakos in Kallimarmaro Stadium as part of the “Together we can”.

In the winter of 2017-18 he orchestrated and performed live, among others, the musical performances of Paraskeias Karasoulos ¨Three Dots¨ and “F.G. Lorca” produced by Mikri Arktos. In June 2018 he participated in the Delphi Festival as a composer and performer, where he composed Angelo Sicilian. Also in June 2018 he participated in the summer concert of Panos Sourounis ” Λοβboat ” Full Moon Fiesta in Technopolis in Gazi.

He has orchestrated many musical and musical theater performances in which he has also participated as a pianist. He has played live with the following performers: Yiota Negka, Dimitra Papiou, Victoria Tagouli, Doro Dimosthenous, Costa Makedona, Zacharia Karouni, Iro Saia, Giorgi Christodoulou, Elissavet Karatzoli, Savveria Margiola, Rita Antonopoulou, Spyro Grammeno, Christina Maksouri, Nalyssa Green, Polyxeni Karakoglou, Chrysoula Stefanaki , Elena Papanikolaou Lola Giannopoulou, Fenia Christou, Michalis and Panteli Kalogeraki, Amalia Tatsis et al.

He has collaborated as a composer, orchestrator, performer and music teacher with the directors: Simos Kakala, Dimitra Hatoupi, Eleni Gassouka, Frosso Korrou, Dimitris Kouroumbalis, George Nanouris, Nikos Mastorakis, Soti Hatzakis, Grigori Hatzakis, George Sachinis, Irini Alexiou, Korai Damati et al.