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He was born in Athens in 1981. He studied film directing at the Lykourgos Stavrakos School. He works as a director and as a musician in cinema and theatre.

He has directed five feature films (Klais?, Roz, Higita, Nima, Winona) that have been screened and awarded in Greece and abroad (Toronto International Film Festival, Warsaw International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Boston Independent Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, Lisbon International Film Festival, etc.).

He has directed music videos by well-known Greek musicians (Foivos Delivorias, Pavlos Pavlidis, Nalyssa Green, Despoinis Trichromi, etc.). He has released music albums (Please Make Me Dance, Koustoumaki, Iliotherapeia, Mavro Aima, American Unicorn, Etoimoi Ena, Etoimoi Dyo, Antilopi, etc.) and movie soundtracks (The Last Note, Are They Kissing?, Thread, Park, The Sentimentalist, Joy, Nigita, Roz, etc.) and has performed over 500 concerts.


Course description

Students of the course will study the History of Cinema as well as the History of Acting in Cinema. At the same time, they will investigate questions such as: What is the relationship between Actor and Director? How does the Actor prepare for his contact with the Cinema?

They will learn how to properly watch a movie ,read a Script and a Role, as well as how to appropriately prepare for a Movie. They will get to know basic things about all specialties in a Film Shooting while they will also participate in a series of seminars and masterclasses with people who work in Cinema. Finally, they will be tested in the shooting of a Film in real conditions.