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Kechagioglou Maria – acting/ improv


She was born in Didymoteicho. She studied at the Philosophy School of the University of Ioannina and at the Drama School of the National Theatre.

She has collaborated with the National Theater in the performances of Ferdinand Bruckner’s Criminals, Jacob Campanelli’s Supper, Vassilis Zioga’s Deadly Death, Dusan Kovacevic’s Saint George Slays the Dragon, Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Calderon, Antigone, Electra, Sophocles’ Ajax, King Lear , Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, Racini’s Andromache, B. Vasilikos’ Z, Ilias Kapetanakis’ Vengera, Loula Anagnostakis’ Victory, Giannis Mavritsakis’s Vitriol, Hecuba, Trojan Woman, Medea and Iphigenia in Avlis, ‘It is so if you think so of L. Pirandello and A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller, Bee Hives by Al. Stamatis.

She has also collaborated with the Onassis Stegi in the performances City-State Troupe Kanigunda and The Circling of the Square by Dem. Dimitriadis. With the New Stage in the performances Misanthrope by Moliere, On the high Way with the Big vehicles by Michalis Virvidakis and To you who listen to me by Loula Anagnostakis. With the Embros theater in the performance The Diary of Ammos by Dimitris Kordatos. With the theater organization Stigmi in the musical performance Urakas. With the Theater of the South in the performances Torquato Tasso by Goethe, Tourcaret by Alain-René Lesage, The House of the Sleeping Girls by Yasunari Kawabata, So Beautiful by Jon Fosse and in the theatrical adaptation In the Kitchen of Cyanopogon.

She has also participated in the performance of the Amphitheater Oedipus at Colonus by Sophocles. In the performance of the State Theater of Northern Greece Six Nights on the Acropolis by Giorgos Seferis. At the Athens Festival in the performance Marivaux The Perfect Strategy, K.Churchill’s Top Girls and T.Williams’ Suddenly Last Summer. With the Neos Kosmos Theater in the performance Katerina Ismailova – Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk by Nikolai Leskov. With the Art Theater in the performances “When we dead awaken” (by H. Ibsen) and “Old Times” (by H. Pinter)

Founding member of the Kanigunda group with which he participated in the performances “Electra” (by Hugo von Hofmannsthal), “Voskopula” (unknown), “Genesis No. 2” (by Ivan Virpaev), “Vengera” (by Ilias Kapetanakis), “Hamlet” by Giorgos Heimonas” (in co-production with the Kavala Festival) in the Theatrical post-review “City-State”, and in “Autumn Sonata” (Igmar Bergman).

In 2008 she was awarded the “Marika Kotopoulis” Prize.

Since 2007 she has been teaching acting at the Drama School of the National Theatre.

In the cinema, she played in the films “Brazilero” by Sotiris Goritsa, “The Gentleman in Grey” by Periklis Hoursoglou, “The Soul in the Mouth” by Yiannis Economides, “Even if I leave, I will come again” by Dora Masklavanos, “Enastros Tholos” by Kostas Aristopoulos, “Ephemeral City” by Giorgos Zafeiris, “Before the Night” by Timon Koulmasis as well as in many short films.


Course description

The actor’s job is to transform the written text into a new, unique composition that will result from his personal research and contact with the demands of a text.

The main objective of the course is the understanding and live performance, mainly through orality and communication, of theatrical and literary texts. The students will come into contact with the texts through exercises related to the understanding and familiarization with the meanings of the works, addressing, communication and the way the person functions within a group, how he is connected to others and to the text which is called upon to manage.